After a lengthy, yet a productive workweek, how exciting would it be to close it out with your favorite girlfriends? With everyone’s schedule it can seem nearly impossible to work out an inclusive activity, but with the proper planning you can ensure that your next Ladies Night is LIT.

Ladies Night Out Image

According to a recent survey most ladies prefer a ‘Girls Night In’ due to excessive drink prices, outrageous parking cost and club cover fees – BUT, you have to admit it feels good to paint your lips with Ruby Woo, accompanied with your favorite LBD – OR your best destroyed denim paired with a sexy white top, and then hit the town. Something about a flirty outfit and beauty enhancing make-up manifests a new level of fearlessness for attempting new things on a night out with your ladies.

Gabi rocking Ruby Woo (Lipstick can be purchased at all MAC Cosmetics Stores)
FullSizeRender (1)
Destroyed Denim pair with a Sexy Top! Worn by Fashion Artist @ChinChillyOnStyle – Instagram

This week for #LadiesNightCLE, we are featuring The Vineyards and Winery at Chateau Hough. Chateau Hough is located in the heart of midtown Cleveland at 1650 E.66th Street and Hough, and is home of the world’s first BioCellar, which is an underground greenhouse. In its initial transformation, it was converted from an abandoned home used for experimenting with different vegetation. The land, which was once a vacant lot, is now covered with Frontenac and Traminette German grapes on glowing green vines. “The Traminette (try-ma-nette) is our most popular wine, most would compare it to a Moscato/Riesling. One fact about all of wines is that they are preserved and bottled on-site,” says Chardonnay Graham, Marketing Director of Chateau Hough.

At the Vineyard you and your ladies will receive an exclusive tour paired with a classy wine tasting, learn interesting facts about how particular German grapes can withstand our Midwestern climate and more! So hit up Litty Leah, Chatty Cathy, Domestic Dana and of course Workaholic Wendy and tell them how they enjoy an exclusive ladies nights out for under $25! All Wine-O’s & Wine Connoisseurs are welcomed. If you would like to join an event at the vineyard, they also host their own Real Paint and Sip every second Friday of the month! Tickets can be purchased at


The Vineyards of Chateau Hough is also a part of the 2018 Natural Areas Wine Tours and will host their next event on Thursday, August 9th at 5:30pm. To book your next event, please contact Chardonnay Graham at (216) 513-9845. For more events, be sure to follow the hashtag #LadiesNightCLE


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