Cheese is as Addictive as Heroin and is Among Thieves Top Stolen Product

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the Yale Food Addiction scale, pizza was among the most addictive on the food list. The link with food and addiction is the procedure in which the food was processed. If the food has been processed, then it increases the addictive consumption behavior in the human body.


Image Credit: NY Times

Cheese and all milk products carry casein, which is the ingredient that triggers the addictive component in the body. Casein is classified as a protein, but when the body digests it, it releases opiates called casomorphins. Casmorphins then activate that addictive element; which is similar to how dopamine and endorphins are released with heroin and opiate intake. Bowling Green State University Psychologists reveal that casmorphins are so powerful that they can reduce separation distress in chicks. Consequently, when separation anxiety is masked in chicks it removes parental influence making the chicks easier to be slaughtered. Poultry hatcheries are pro-separation because it keeps the chicks from attacking one another in small confined caged areas. Hatcheries are also known to burn the beaks of chicks to prevent them from attacking one another


What the Health is a documentary that also supports this addictive claim, stating that the human body responds to dairy withdrawals with that similar to a drug addict in rehab. What the Health initially made its debut on Vimeo in March 2017. Apparently, there is long term health related dangers associated with consuming poultry. Recently the documentary has been trending on Netflix informing viewers on the unadulterated truth behind meat and dairy.

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According to cheese is the fourth most stolen products in grocery stores, behind meat, baby formula and candy. However, cheese has interestingly made major heist headlines:

  • January 2016: In Wisconsin, home of the cheese-heads, $160,000 worth of cheese was stolen
  • July 2016: In Wisconsin again, thieves stole a truck carrying $49,000 worth of cheese
  • Recently, just yesterday in England: Thieves managed to steal two 20-pound blocks of ‘Masterpiece’ cheese, the size of suitcases, after an agricultural show. There is currently a reward out for those special cheese blocks.


Time Magazine reveals that a barrel of Parmesan cheese can sell for about $500. Cheese pirates have struck again.


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