Roc Nation’s Football Agent John Thornton lands First Coaching Client Hue Jackson

John Thornton continues to enhance his football resume with his latest feat of bringing on Hue Jackson as the first coach on Jay-Z’s Roc Nation all-star roster. The news was first reported by ESPN early Wednesday morning that Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson would be joining Roc Nation. Thornton and Jackson spent 3 seasons together as part of the Bengals organization from 2004 to 2006. Thornton, former defensive tackle for the Tennessee Titans and Cincinnati Bengals, departed from Octagon Sport and Entertainment Agency and joined forces with Roc Nation last year.


Former Bengals: DT John Thornton & Wide Receiver Coach Hue Jackson –Courteous of

Which leaves many Cleveland’s wondering: Could Jay-z possibly be on the brink of attending his first Browns game? Will Beyoncé jump on board representing her Texas ties and sport a Myles Garrett jersey? Lots of excitement in store for the Browns next season.


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