Who Will You Vote For? Democratic Fast Fact Sheet

Today is Primary Election Day in Ohio! Therefore exercise your right to vote and find out where your designated polling station is located. You can use a piece of mail with your address on it or a License/State ID! Make no excuses, there will be a new president in 2017 whether you agree with the candidates or not. People bled and died for suffrage, PLEASE VOTE!!!!!

(Ohio Click link to locate your polling station)



Hillary Clinton

  – As former FLOTUS, US Senator & Secretary of State (appointed by Barack Obama) Clinton has strong viewpoints on Gun violence in America in which she disagrees with right to own guns and wants manufacturers to be accountable for their role in children murdered by guns. Clinton has publicly vowed to a $25 Billion help fund for Historically Black Colleges & Universities “if elected;” Clinton strongly agrees on higher taxes on the wealthy, citizenship for illegal immigrants, and equal pay for women.


Other Key Stances Key Minuses
Vows to make higher education free for those who can not afford it Her role in Benghazi
·      Paid Family & Medical Leave for families

·      Supporting small businesses and unlocking access to capital.

·      LBGT Rights

Rumored to have taken money from Wall Street & when asked about it, Clinton evasively says she’ll be more transparent about it when other candidates become transparent.


Bernie Sanders


  • Sanders is a self-professed “democratic socialist,” that shy away from issues concerning expanding government and increasing taxes. He has the most political experience that his opponents with a resume extending to 42 years and counting; notably including Governor of Vermont, Mayor Burlington, and currently holds US Senator position. Sanders has strong viewpoints on expanding ObamaCare, avoiding foreign entanglements,
Other Key Stances Key Minuses
Vows to make higher education free at public colleges for those who cannot afford it & plans on Wall Street’s white-collared criminals to pay for it. Tightlipped on issues concerning God and Faith and when asked about the importance of God and the American people he evasively responded:


“I am what I am, And what I believe in, and what my spirituality is about, is that we’re all in this together.”


·      Income & Wealth Equality: expanding social security, creating jobs, increasing minimum wage.

·      LBGT Rights








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