Volunteers Clean Up Vandalized Planned Parenthood in Columbus

Planned Parenthood has remained in national headlines, highlighting significant vandalism in various parts of the country. The latest vandalism took place in Columbus, Ohio. Earlier this week, a Planned Parenthood clinic was vandalized in Columbus with red paint on parts of the building and splashed on the front doors.

The vandals painted “Satan Den of Baby Killers God See Allll, Mark 9:42” onto the building. It is assumed that damage occurred Sunday night since the clinic was greeted with the destruction on Monday morning.

After the clinic closed for that day, March 7th, more than 20 community members came out and painted over the hate speech scrawled across the building. Some of the volunteers are fighting for Clinic Protection Laws on the local and state levels and wish that the vandals would be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Amanda Patton, a former classmate of mine, was there to personally assist in the clean up and stand firm in the struggle for Clinic Protection Laws.

Patton, who is the Digital Media Manager at Founders Women’s Health Center’s declares that “Love always trump hate. This community will rise above the actions of individuals who associate with fringe movements and claim to be Christian. We cannot and will not relent in the face of terrorism.”

So far no arrests have been made in connection with the vandalism in Columbus.

Background Information:

Last month, Governor John Kasich authorized legislation that excludes taxpayer dollars from going towards agencies that encourage or perform abortions. Planned Parenthood in Ohio will lose close to $1.3 million in federal funds that it had used to reduce infant mortality, provide breast and cervical cancer screenings, prevent teen pregnancy, reduce violence against women and provide testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Ohio, along with Texas, is one of the states with the most rigorous abortion restrictions in the country.

                     Thanks Amanda for the assist! *All photos are property of Amanda Patton’s Facebook


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