Working Women Wednesday: Destiny Jones

Working Woman: Destiny Jones
Occupation: CEO of Lipmatic & Lip-gloss Guru

Inspiration: At only age 21 she is a successful beauty CEO of her organic lip-gloss line Lipmatic. Lipmatic made its debut in November 2014 and is still making headlines. Jones has been featured in Teen Vogue, Essence, and other magazines highlighting her Lipmatic. Accolades. Lipmatic comes in 12 witty named and New York inspired colors; you can buy Lipmatic on and through starting at $14.00.

3 Things You Need To Know:

1. She is the only daughter of hip hop icon Nas; Lipmatic is an ode to his legendary album Illmatic. Although Destiny is the daughter of a legend, she definitely wishes to be in her own limelight.


“We’re NOT our parents. We’re our own people and even though they’ve set a great example for us, we have to be our own person and make our own lane. If you spend your life trying to imitate them and be just like them, you’ll always be second.” – Destiny Jones

2. Actress Yara Shahidi from Black Ish happens to be her younger cousin, and is also a brand ambassador for Lipmatic. 

3. Jones is an aspiring actress.

 I enjoy writing about empowered women and their journey into entrepreneurship. Bjaxson Media wants to wish the beautiful Destiny Jones and Lipmatic the best of luck! 

   Thanks to Teen Vogue & The YBF for assist & info!


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