Motivating Men Monday: DeRay McKesson

Motivating Man: DeRay McKesson

Occupation: organizer, activist, and educator focused primarily on issues of innovation, equity and justice.

Inspiration: A prominent activist for #BlackLivesMatter, McKesson quit his day job in Minneapolis as Senior Director of Minneapolis Public Schools, in order to seek justice for the police shooting of Michael Brown. McKesson drove to St. Louis from Minneapolis by himself, documenting his entire journey on Twitter and the rest is history.  McKesson also was a very active voice in protesting and seeking justice for the police shooting of Freddie Gray, in his hometown Baltimore. 

“Our Demand Is Simple, Stop Killing Us.” –

 5 Things You Need To Know:

1. Topped Fortune’s “The Worlds 50 Most Greatest Leaders” list at the no.11 spot.

2. McKesson can always be seen wearing a bright blue Patagonia vest. Even when he’s sitting with Obama.

3. Yale University invited McKesson to teach a two-day lecture on #BlackLivesMatter & protesting.

4. Co-founder of the Protestor Newsletter and Campaign Zero; very successful newsletters with more than 15K subscribers. 

5. Standing at only 30 years young, McKesson is now an active mayoral candidate for Baltimore. He is campaigning in anticipation that he will be the Mayor of Baltimore; he’s raised over $40,000 so far by crowd-funding. 


Side Bar: #BlackLivesMatter was one of the most searched hashtags of 2015.


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