10 Witty Inventions to Thank Women For

In celebration of Women’s Month, I wanted to highlight and inform many inventions you may or may not know of.

  1. Caller ID & Call Waiting

–  Dr. Shirley Jackson is the first African-American woman to earn a doctorate at MIT in nuclear physics. Her experiments with theoretical physics are accountable for numerous telecommunications developments: touch-tone telephone, the portable fax, caller ID, call waiting and the fiber-optic cable.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.57.37 PM
Dr. Shirley Jackson
  1. Surveillence Camera’s

–  In 1969, Marie Van Brittan Brown was the first person to receive a patent for her development of a closed- circuit television security. Brown’s structure was designed with four peep holes and a motorized camera that could slide up and down to look at each one. Her witty invention became the blueprint for the present closed-circuit television system that is widely used for surveillance, crime prevention and traffic monitoring.

  1. Treatment of Cataracts

–  Dr. Patricia Bath, ophthalmologist and inventor, received her doctorate from Howard University College of Medicine and was also the first African-American woman doctor to receive a patent for a medical purpose. n 1981 she received a patent for the Laserphaco Probe, which is used to treat cataracts. Dr. Bath has been credited with saving thousands of people from losing their sight.

  1. Toilet Tissue Holder

–  Mildred Kenner invented the tissue holder. Kenner also worked alongside her sister Mary Davidson to invent the Sanitary Belt and The Walker.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.11.36 PM
Mildred Kenner
  1. Bulletproof Vest & Helmets (Kevlar)

– Stephanie Kwolek experimented with polymers, molecules and fibers and it resulted in Kevlar. Kevlar is used to make bulletproof vests, helmets, brake pads, cables, hiking and camping gear.

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie

– Ruth Wakefield was a dietician and food lecturer. In 1930, she took a nestle chocolate bar crumbled it into cookie batter and the rest is yummy history.Choc_Chip_Stack_Sidecookie.png

  1. The Medical Syringe

– In 1899, Letitia Geer invented a medical syringe that could be controlled with one hand.

  1. The Snugli Baby Carrier

– After seeing women in Africa carry their babies in fabric slings on their bodies, Ann Moore was inspired to invent the Snugli in the 1960s.

  1. Foot Pedal Trash Can

– Lillian Moller Gilbreth was one of the first working female engineers holding a Ph.D. She invented the foot-pedal trash can, along with refrigerator shelves.

10. Newborn Baby Safety (The APGAR Score) 

– In 1952, Dr. Virginia Apgar began testing newborns one minute and five minutes after birth to determine if they needed immediate care. In the 1960s and present day, the medical community made a backronym—an acronym designed to fit an existing word—to remember the criteria scored: Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, and Respiration.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.35.37 PM
Dr. Apgar & A Newborn Baby

Thanks to Atlanta Blackstar, Google & Wiki for the assist!


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