Motivating Men Monday: Fabian Elliott

Motivating Man: Fabian Elliott

Occupation: Advertising Technology Consultant for Google & Global Cochair of the Black Googler Network (working to attract top black talent to Google.)

Inspiration: Founder of Black Tech Mecca; Black Tech Mecca is an organization aiming to transform Chicago into a hub for technology professionals of color. Elliott felt the urge to be the change Chicago needed for diversity in Technology. His personal goal is to make Chicago the place for blacks in tech.

“The black community is drastically underrepresented in the tech space and are facing critical issues with unemployment, poverty, and access to resources. As a matter of fact, 34% of blacks in Chicago currently live under the poverty line. Thus, an initiative that can leverage tech to empower the black community and increase participation in the digital economy is essential.” – Fabian Elliott

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.28.02 PM.png

5 Things You Need To Know:

  1. Elliott once went to Brazil to help them with their black history month that they have in November.
  2. Became the first person from the University of North Carolina to intern at Google.
  3. Was recently honored by Kia Motors & Uptown Magazine as a Game Changer at their Inspirationally Crafted event.
  4. Featured on this years Chicago Scholars “35 under 35” list.
  5. Also serves as Secretary for the 100 Black Men of Chicago Inc.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.27.41 PM.png


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