Kalamazoo Man Shoots & Kills 6 people during Uber routes

Gunman Jason Dalton is the force behind the “night of terror” in Kalamazoo that took place Saturday night. Investigators are saying the victims have no apparent relation and describe the shooting motive as “random.”

6 dead and 2 others are injured following these shootings between Detroit and Chicago:

  • Dalton shot a woman multiple times while she stood in the parking lot of her suburban Townhome complex.
  • A man and his teenage son were killed outside a car dealership
  • 4 women were shot to death, and a teenage girl critically injured as they sat in two cars outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

“How do you go and tell the families of these victims that they weren’t targeted for any reason than they were there to be a target?” – Kalamazoo County prosecutor Jeffrey Getting, said at a news conference early on Sunday

Dalton chauffeured an Uber customer home around 4:30pm, less than two hours before the shootings. Another customer said Dalton arranged to pick her up late Saturday night after the attacks were over. Luckily the customer made other plans.

Neighbors describe him as quiet and polite, but he did occasionally let off a gun in the air, through the back door of his house. Dalton worked as an insurance salesman at Progressive in 2011 and is married with two children. Police say Dalton peacefully surrendered and had no criminal record prior to the shootings. Dalton’s car was spotted in downtown Kalamazoo Sunday morning and Police pulled him over and arrested him. A semiautomatic gun was found in the car and is matched the evidence from the shootings. He is expected to face charges early Monday morning.


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