Entrepreneur at age 10

“I turned negative attention into positive attention.” – Ify, 10

Chubiiline Design


Egypt “Ify” Ufele, took bullying matters into her own hands and made a profit. Ufele started her own plus size clothing line, Chubiiline, after being bullied at school. Ify aspires to empower children and to bring Africa to America one design at a time.


You may recognize her from Shark Tank, Mikaila Ulmer stole the heart of Fubu founder Daymond John. Ulmer secured a $60,000 investment deal for her beverage BeeSweet Lemonade. Mikaila developed her beverage company with hopes of helping to preserve the bee population. When Ulmer was four years old, a bee stung her twice in one week. In efforts to face her fears, her parents suggested she researched bee’s. During her research she discovered that bee’s are incredibly important pollinators that were dying out. In fact, between 2014-2015 the 2nd highest annual loss was recorded at 42%. In an interview, Ulmer reveals that pesticides are to blame; pesticides infest the brain of the bees and cause them to lose memory and they never make it back to the hive. And if they do make it back to the hive, they infect the entire hive.

Mikaila and her BeeSweet Lemonade Lip Balm



Whole Foods Market caught word about her efforts to save the bees and is now selling her lemonade in 32 stores across four states. BeeSweet Lemonade comes in 4 different flavors and can also be found in many stores across Texas and the Southwest region. Since appearing on Shark Tank, BeeSweet Lemonade has seen a 376% increase in sales.


To be inspired by 10 year olds, I am simply amazed and blown away. These girls have spoke at conferences offering entrepreneurial advice and have even graced the cover of magazines! Girl Power at its best! Congratulations to these two young ladies, I know there is so much in store for you both!

Mikaila Ulmer (left), age 10 & Egypt Ufele (right) age 10


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