New Study Reveals FaceBook Affects Your Brain Like Cocaine

A new brain scan study reveals that 11% of us suffer from some sort of technology addiction. In the study, California State University professors scanned 20 brains and it turns out that the same portion of your brain used for Facebook, is the same portion that plays a role in cocaine addictions. The amygdala-striatal system and the inhibitory system are the portions of the brain that is related to addiction; more specifically, the inhibitory system is responsible for controlling patterns of activity. It is also shocking to find out the participants in the study reacted to Facebook images faster than they did to the images of road signs, which is a clear indication of danger when you consider the possibilities of texting and driving.


Notice the signs of Facebook addiction:



facebook crack


Get help. Go to Facebook rehab [lol, I don’t think it exist, but it would be a great invention.)

  1. Constantly checking the “like” progress of newly posted content
  2. You spend more than an hour on Facebook a day
  3. You get upset when someone unfriends , unfollow you, or doesn’t respond to your comments
  4. You go “add” crazy for random friends
  5. Logging onto Facebook before you brush your teeth.

Thanks to my buddy Latasha for the assist!


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