Good Reads: “The Wait”

I am currently reading “The Wait” by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good; the couple dated and remained celibate until marriage. It is a great read that focuses on celibacy, strategic patience, and ultimately reaping the benefits in every part of your life by abstaining from physical pleasures.

After being officially released February 2nd, it now appears on the New York Best Seller’s List and is ranked #1 in Christian Help Books on Amazon. I am enjoying reading this book and want to share my tips on how to make reading enjoyable!



“The Wait” by Devon Franklin & Meagan Good
Make reading fun with these great tips:

  1. Read with friends – Right now I am reading “The Wait” with 3 friends and we communicate about the book via group chats and hold one another accountable for keeping up with reading progress.
  2. Set specific times to read – I read more effectively at night time or first thing in the morning
  3. Always carry the book with you! – Therefore it’s  accessible while in waiting rooms, read it on the treadmill, airplane, etc.

**P.S: Make sure to choose a fun and exciting book! Happy reading.


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